New Novel, THE DORKS, Available Now for Kindle!

The Dorks, A Novel - Book Cover - Timothy ImhoffIt’s been a few years since Mended Wings was published in 2017. I’ve had the feeling that there was one more story to be told about the colorful group of friends from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A few minutes ago, I pressed the send button, and the E-book version of The Dorks is now available on The paperback format will be available down the road a little when the novel has gotten a few reviews. You may recognize a few of the characters from the other books. You will get to meet some interesting new characters as well. I’ve attached a flyer that celebrates the release.

A special thanks goes out to Stephanie Ernst for her amazing editing and to Peggy Nehmen for the colorful cover design.

I hope you’ll check it out. Enjoy!

Paperback Version of Painted Wings Now Available

Painted Wings by Timothy Imhoff

The paperback version of Painted Wings was just published by Cedar Lake Publishing and is now available on The cover design was by Peggy Nehmen at N-K Creative in St. Louis, and the formatting was done by Jason and Marina at Polgarus Studio in Australia. My amazing editor was Stephanie Ernst.

Over the years, I have heard from many readers that they prefer the feel of an actual book over an e-reader. It’s exciting that my first three books are now available in both Kindle and paperback versions.

Painted Wings is a sophisticated romance novel with several twists and turns. It is a story that celebrates diversity and the beauty that can be found in differences.


Mended Wings: Paperback Version Released


The paperback version of Mended Wings is now available from The publication date was April 27, 2017. Thanks to Peggy Nehmen from N-K Creative for the beautiful cover. Thanks to Jason and Marina from Pulgarus Studios in Australia for the formatting of the book’s interior.  I hear from lots of readers that they still prefer holding a real book, rather than an e-book reader. I hope you enjoy! I am working on the print version of my first novel, Painted Wings and hope to have that available in the next few months.

Mended Wings is getting some good press!

It has been a good week or two for Mended Wings. A few days ago, I received notice of a review by Kirkus Reviews. You can read the complete review on the Review page of this website. Kirkus Reviews is a well known, literary review publication, and reviews by Kirkus are sought after by authors of all stripes. The review had many positive comments and a few criticisms as well. That would be what I would hope for. One comment was that there was enough information about brain injury that parts of the book seemed like an educational pamphlet. I did want my readers to have sufficient information about traumatic brain injury that they would appreciate what the main character was going through in her life. Maybe they will learn a little in the process!

The second exposure for Mended Wings came in the March, 2017 issue of the St. Louis Publisher’s Association News and Views. Each month one book is featured in “The Book Corner”. Mended Wings was the featured book in the March publication. The newsletter can be viewed online at www.SLPAnews.03.17.pdf.

The First Reviews Are In!

The first reviews for Mended Wings are in! They came from a website called Readers’ Favorite, a site that links readers with authors and offers free reviews. The reviews were positive and received five stars, the highest rating. You can read them on the Reviews page.  I took a leap this week and submitted the novel to Kirkus Reviews, a major review organization. Kirkus warns authors that they will receive an honest review, including the good, bad, and ugly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Excerpts from a positive review would make a good cover quote for the print version of the novel.

If you have already downloaded and read Mended Wings, please take a moment to give the book a rating on Amazon.  Even a one sentence review that says you enjoyed it, would be great!

There And Back Again Wins Readers Favorite Five Stars Award

“Mended Wings” Book Release

mended wings cover final hi res

The e-book version of “Mended Wings” was published earlier this week on the Kindle platform. This represents over a year’s worth of writing, editing, and all of the creative energy that goes into a novel.  The story is about a young woman named Flicker and her journey toward independence following a traumatic brain injury.

Several people helped me bring the book to life. Thanks to my editor, Stephanie Ernst, for her helpful suggestions and attention to detail. Thanks to Peggy Nehmen for the beautiful cover design. Thanks to Bill and Pat Imhoff, and Laurel Braverman, for their feedback on the first drafts. Thanks to my amazing partner in life, Rachel Dietz. Your support and inspiration are so important, and seeing the characters through your eyes enriches them. Finally, a special thank you goes to the hundreds of young people with traumatic brain injuries who I worked with in Wisconsin, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Missouri. I learned as much from you as you did from me.