There and Back Again: A Decade of Travel Tales (Kindle)

By Timothy Imhoff

Tim and Rachel shared an adventurous first date that included a dangerous trek through an adult Halloween costume contest in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. When they were married a little over a year later, they promised each other a life filled with adventures. Over the last decade, Tim and Rachel have shared many such adventures. Some were close to home and some were in distant countries. Some were a bit dangerous. Others were romantic. Most were funny. Join them as they trek to find mountain gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda and have a close encounter with a large crocodile on the Nile River in Uganda. Share a romantic getaway at the Chase Park Plaza and a beautiful wedding on a remote beach in Costa Rica. Enjoy the hysterical description of a visit to a clothing optional resort in Florida to run in a 5K race. And don’t forget about the hairy bears! You will enjoy the trip.

Tim and Rachel’s stories remind us that there are wonderful opportunities for adventure and romance if we are open to new experiences, even for couples in their forties, fifties, or older! While dating may seem awkward, with a sense of humor and a little imagination, it can be even more exciting, the second time around.

Traveling to some exotic locales around the world exposed Tim and Rachel to the wonders of diverse cultures and people. There is much to be learned from our differences and from the characteristics that we share.

As a bonus, this book includes a sneak preview of a new, original work of fiction, Painted Wings. This novel is based on one of the true Travel Tales.