There and Back Again: A Decade of Travel Tales (Paperback)

By Timothy Imhoff

Tim and Rachel’s wedding vows promised a life filled with adventure. Join them as they trek to find mountain gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda and have a close encounter with a large crocodile on the Nile River in Uganda. Share their romantic wedding on a remote beach in Costa Rica. Enjoy the hysterical description of a visit to a clothing optional resort in Florida to run in a 5K race. And don’t miss the hairy bears on Cape Cod. Tim and Rachel’s stories remind us that there are wonderful opportunities for adventure and romance if we are open to new experiences, even for couples in their forties, fifties or older. Traveling to exotic locales around the world exposed Tim and Rachel to diverse cultures and people. There is much to be learned from our differences and from the characteristics that we share.

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