Mended Wings: A Flicker’s Tale (Paperback)

By Timothy Imhoff

Flicker is a survivor. Or at least that’s what people have been telling her ever since she was nearly killed by a drunk driver at age sixteen. The doctors said that she would not live. She lived. Then they said that she would never walk or talk again. Flicker did those things and more. But as she would say, living with a traumatic brain injury sucks big-time: the memory lapses, the feeling that her brain is operating in slow motion, the sudden outbursts of anger, and the habit of getting into sketchy situations with the wrong type of guys. But the worst part is being able to remember what life was like before the accident and what the future held in store. For Flicker, those dreams seem like ancient history.

Late one evening, during a date-gone-wrong, Flicker is rescued by Jesse, a middle-aged cook at a local diner. A friendship develops, and Flicker soon discovers that there is more to this short-order cook than meets the eye. Jesse helps her begin to think about what she wants out of life, and Flicker sets some ambitious goals. But just as Flicker is beginning to see the results of her hard work, a former high school classmate asks her out and starts leading her down a dark path.

Join Flicker as she experiences the ups and downs that are part of her journey toward a more independent life. You may cringe, but also cheer, as you share her adventures. Along the way, you will meet some endearing friends. Their lives are enriched by supporting Flicker as she spreads her wings and takes flight. Yours will be too!