Painted Wings

Painted Wings

Guest journal entry, Cranberry Inn, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, summer, 2014:

This is definitely my year of adventure. My husband of several years had an affair this past year. I mourned, cried, begged, and lost a bunch of weight. I even tossed some of his clothes out a window, onto the front lawn. Now, I’m living in the now, as they say. I am on my first road trip. I’ll see several parts of New Hampshire and Maine. I’m going to paint, hike, and eat and drink anything I want. This is my year. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow may bring. Carpe diem!

Annie from Wisconsin

Annie Curtis is a thirty-eight year old university instructor from Madison, Wisconsin. Following a difficult divorce from her husband of several years, she begins a journey of self-discovery and reawakening. Her husband, Gary had an affair with one of his grad students. While devastated by the life changing event, Annie begins to put the pieces of her life back together. She has some funny dating experiences. Her best friend, Monica helps her with a makeover of her nerdy professor image. With Monica’s encouragement, Annie embarks on a summer road trip to New England. She makes a vow to be open to new experiences, people and even adventure.

Katie Martin is a single woman from New Hampshire who has experienced a significant loss in her life. She is the owner of a storefront business in downtown Portsmouth that is both a bookstore and a colorful café. Their lives intersect in this eclectic establishment. Annie is immediately attracted to Katie’s lively personality, sense of humor, and caring nature. She also notices during a run at a state park, that Katie is really cute! Annie is surprised when her attraction evolves into something more sensual. They share an intimate evening at Katie’s lake house, each revealing the loss that they have experienced. Annie has her first beautiful and romantic encounter with another woman.

Annie and Katie’s story explores the universal human themes of loss, grieving, change, friendship, and the rekindling of romance and passion. Their relationship forces them to experience and respond to the ugliness of prejudice and the danger of stereotypes. In the end, Annie, Katie and their neighbors and friends celebrate the beauty that can be found in differences.

As you follow Annie on her journey, you will meet some colorful and endearing characters. Bill and Mark are partners and are the innkeepers at the Cranberry Inn. Carla is the intense, bright young assistant manager and bartender at the Bookstore. She presents a punk kind of image, but there is more to her than meets the eye. Kim and Mary are the housekeeping staff at the Cranberry Inn. Kim suffered a brain injury when hit by a drunk driver as a teenager and Mary is her job coach, helping her be successful in her work. Susan is a Unitarian minister who exudes wisdom and warmth. Her husband Geoff is a university professor who helps run a summer camp for kids with disabilities. They have a preschool daughter, Maddie. Claudia is affectionately referred to as a “player”, a sexy middle-aged woman who comes to the Bookstore on most Wednesday evenings to hook up with other women. Finally, you will meet Dylan, Katie’s intriguing older brother who returns from a Doctors without Borders assignment in eastern Africa.

As Annie, Katie and their friends discover, we’re all in this together!