There’s something about a real book in an actual bookstore…

Left Bank Books, St. Louis

On Saturday the 21st, Rachel and I stopped by and found a number of treasures and a few holiday gifts at Left Bank Books. A portion of our purchase price was donated to an elementary school located in the city. That’s the kind of thing that local shops like to do.

While we were there, Rachel and I walked downstairs and found the Travel Section. For the first time we saw There and Back Again: A Decade of Travel Tales on a bookstore shelf. I happened to have a camera in my pocket. Who would’ve thought! I’m sure other shoppers thought we were a bit odd, snapping pictures of the bookshelves.

There is something special about a physical book in a cool bookstore.  Our Kindle has over 150 books downloaded, but our library has many more.

Please support local bookstores like Left Bank Books in your community!

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