Happy Journeys, Old Friend

Hanging out with my buddy, Linus
Hanging out with my buddy, Linus

This past weekend Rachel and I visited our son, Dan and his wife, Susie in Nashville. When we entered the living room of their beautiful home, I nudged Rachel and nodded toward the far end of the fluffy area rug. Stretched out and sound asleep, was an old friend, Linus. We were happy and a bit surprised to see him. We knew that his time was growing short. As we approached, he awoke, stood, stretched, and looked toward us. Because of his blindness, he more sensed us than looked at us. As I patted his side and greeted my “buddy”, Linus leaned against me and wagged his tail in his happy way. Susie and Dan smiled and said that he hadn’t been wagging his tail often these days.

I would describe Linus as a medium-sized dog. Susie said he was a cockapoo. That must mean part cocker spaniel and part poodle. He had a shaggy, light colored coat, and hair hung over his eyes. When Linus looked up at you, you could see large white cataracts, covering both eyes. He was fourteen years old. Linus had been hit by a car a few years ago and been badly injured. It might have slowed him down, but in the years that we knew him, he seemed pretty mobile. Watching Linus walk around his large home was always amazing to observe. He had his routes memorized, and while he would bump into things gently with his nose, he was efficient at finding his food and water, bed, and especially, his people. Linus had a very comfortable relationship with his partner in crime, Butters, a small chocolate-colored chihuahua.

Neither Rachel or I had ever owned a dog, or had a personal relationship with one. My mom always told us that some of my siblings had allergies. I’m not sure if that was true, or whether it was more that seven kids in a small house was crazy enough. In any case, we were a little nervous when Dan asked us to dog sit Linus a few years ago, when both he and Susie were going to be traveling for several days, visiting friends and family to announce their engagement. Because of his special needs, they were not comfortable leaving Linus in a kennel, and since I had recently retired, I would be able to offer more care and attention. Honestly, we didn’t know quite what to expect, but we were game to give it a go.

Dan and Susie provided us with all of the important supplies and comfort items. We learned that Linus would be our house guest for almost two weeks. That was a little longer than we had expected, but that was okay. At first I thought we would have Linus stay in our finished basement. It is comfortable and compact, and he could have his own space. Dan just smiled and said that the basement idea would not be the best. So we put up a baby gate at the top of the basement stairs. That way he wouldn’t have an unexpected tumble.

The days went quickly and we enjoyed our furry houseguest. We laugh, looking back on the experience, at the closeness of our new friendship, especially for Linus and me. Dan had warned us that Linus was most comfortable when he was close to his people. It probably had to do with not being able to see the people in his environment. What that meant was that wherever you were in the room and whatever you were doing, it was likely that Linus would be there at your feet. If you look at the picture at the top of this story, you will notice my feet in the picture of Linus. We spent a lot of time that week like that. Our sleeping arrangements turned out to be the funniest. The first night, we tried to have Linus sleep on the floor, near the foot of our bed. We carefully scrunched up his sleeping blanket and arranged it in the perfect spot. Nope, that was not going to meet his needs. Linus communicated very clearly that he needed a lift up onto the bed. He wasn’t able to make the jump on or off the bed on his own. He spent that first night sleeping diagonally on the bed, between Rachel and me. He seemed very comfortable and slept soundly. In the morning Rachel grabbed her pillow and a few odds and ends and let me know that she would be moving to the guest bedroom in the basement. She would let “the boys” share the bed in the master bedroom. Needless to say, Linus and I spent a lot of time together, both night and day. He put up with me, and I got to know him pretty well too.

Linus passed away early yesterday morning. While a sad event, Rachel and I were glad that we happened to be visiting and got to see our friend one last time. Our memories are happy ones and still make us laugh aloud.

Farewell, buddy. Keep that tail wagging!

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